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If you experience persistent unexplained wide spread pain and fatigue it would be a fair guess that you are suffering from a chronic condition commonly referred to as Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition accompanied by many symptoms, each person can experience the condition and their pain in various ways which has for a long time made it hard for main stream medical science to properly diagnose and this has lead people to try many things to help their pain often with little results and more often than not left clueless as to the cause of their particular problem but these is good news.

The reason why most people don’t get good results in treating their fibromyalgia is because they’re too busy treating the condition rather than diagnosing the cause of the condition and that’s really everything as far as we are concerned. Getting diagnosis right means the difference between living with fibromyalgia pain and not.

What is this fibromyalgia thing really?

For the most part there are hundreds or maybe even thousands of opinions about what fibromyalgia is and that is a big part of the problem, you see when there are lots of “people”, “experts” all giving different opinions about what causes fibromyalgia, it simply means there are a lot of people that really don’t know what it is and so they come up with ways to treat the symptoms rather than finding the cause and attempting to correct the problem at the cause.

The reason why for the most part medical science and or many natural health practitioners have no clue of the cause is because fibromyalgia is a number of combined problems, when you understand that at a deep level like we do you’ll be well on your way to being able to treat the cause of the problems and be able to bring long term relief of your pain.

Top causes of fibromyalgia

As mentioned above you can have 1 or more issues that contribute to causing fibromyalgia, here are some of the top causes and often one of these is combined with another or even several of these problems combined:


  • COMT gene mutations are common, these genes are located in the neurotransmitter pathways, see some of the symptoms of COMT mutations here
  • FUT2 gene mutations can set up an autoimmune response that leads to fibromyalgia symptoms, see some of the symptoms of FUT2 mutations here
  • MAO gene mutations can cause low pain tolerance that leads to symptoms of fibromyalgia, see some of symptoms of MAO gene mutations here
  • GAD gene mutations can reduce your ability to relax your muscles, this is a relaxing nurotransmitter receptor
  • HLA gene mutations can cause reduced immunity that invites brain and muscular infection that can lead to fibromyalgia symptoms
  • DHFR gene mutations can cause sensitivity to EMF (electromagnetic frequency) essentially making a persons nervous system sensitive to electrical radiation
  • Family history of pain and fatigue

Environmental factors

  • Heavy metals and toxic elements picked up from the environment and the water/food supply causes a toxic load, the body then begin sending pain signals
  • EMF radiation causes electromagnet sensitivity, this is the effect of electrical devices being in the environment at levels strong enough to effect your nervous system
  • Underlying nutritional imbalances as a results of a toxic food supply due to the industrial age and poor farming practices will contribute toward pain in terms of the development of disease

Infections & diseases

Nutritional complications

  • Underlying nutritional imbalances that reduce your ability to prevent disease
  • Genetic mutations that cause imbalances in amino acids required to keep muscles, energy & neurotransmitters working properly
  • Methylation problems that cause premature aging of the neuro muscular system
  • Leaky gut and the development of autoimmune disease
  • Allergies & intolerance’s

Mental health complications

Natural fibromyalgia treatments

Understanding that fibromyalgia is a complicated problem is the first step to looking for a real solution but what is important is that all of the above problems can be solved using natural treatments, each person presents differently with their own fibromyalgia symptoms and each person responds to treatment in their own ways in in their own time.

Many people who come to us for treatment tell us that they have had their fibromyalgia symptoms for sometimes decades and while they have spent years and lots of money trying to solve the problem they didn’t get much if any relief. Our patients are also quick to tell us that they have never been treated the way we treat them for this condition and they report good results as they progress with our natural treatment process, many having resolved their problem/s with our treatment process and go on to a life free of fibromyalgia pain & fatigue.

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