Advanced Holistic Nutrition provide a wide range of health services and treatments for all sorts of health problems and diseases.  We have access to all of the latest laboratory tests and advanced strategies for natural health solutions with a large focus on treating each patient as an individual in terms of their specific symptoms, their blood type and their specific genetic makeup.

Treatments can be provided in person, over the phone or online, once we have all the information from you we get to work discovering what is really going on with your health.  Most of our work is done outside of your consultation, this provides you with a bigger advantage having our practitioners look deeper into each case to discover the cause/s and prescribe the best possible treatments for you.

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It’s one of the sad truths of today that there are many good natural health practitioners and naturopaths around that do their best to solve your health problems and many do get some temporary results, but this has become a big problem leaving people frustrated after their health problems return leaving them with doubt about who to see next.

The truth is everyone is different, while most natural health practitioners are trained to treat people equally with supplements, herbs and natural medicines based on their symptoms, this means that they are missing a big part of the problem which often leads to failure over the short to long term.

Treating patients based on symptoms alone simply doesn’t have enough leverage to overcome many health problems let alone serious health problems or even diseases.

At Advanced Holistic Nutrition we look at every case from a genetic perspective first, after treating hundreds of people who had previously seen other natural health practitioners and had limited success, our patients are able to see for themselves where their health problems are really coming from and are left with the right knowledge when it comes to treating themselves as unique individuals.

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Many people believe that nutritionists are all about diet, food and exercise and for many this is true but more often than not treatments are designed to solve the underlying health problem which does’t always have nothing to do with diet, food and or exercise.

Many of the health problems faced by people today come from their DNA, the environment, their life style, stress and not knowing how to manage their inherited strengths and weaknesses.  A healthy diet and exercise is of course a good thing and plays a role in good health but often these things combined just aren’t enough.

The best way to find out if we can help you with your health, is to ask one of professionals, simple contact us for a private conversation to see if we can help you, just call 02 80074369 or email us via our contact page.

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